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I'm a wife, a mom, a doggy mommy, a hiker, a runner, a backpacker. I'm a Christian, a traveler, a planner, an optimist.  I'm a passionate, loving, social person who can get along with just about anyone. 

As a side gig, I design websites. I created this website, I made it beautiful and I can make your website beautiful too. I can help you step into the modern world of free marketing and help your business grow. 

The two things I enjoy the most out of web design projects are the fact that I'm helping a small business grow at a very reasonable price and I get to be creative. I love the challenge of working with a blank slate. I was a dancer for 25 years and to me, web design is very similar to choreography. You begin with a blank stage and end with something beautiful and seamless.


I'm happy to talk with you about your vision for the website or create something completely unique for you. Please see my previous work as reference. Thanks for stopping by!


With kindness,



About Me

I'm a wife, new mom, dog mom, hiker, traveler, and many other random titles that I give myself. I like to freelance in web design, video editing, and social media management. E-mail me if you're interested in my services. Happy to help take your business to the next level!

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